6 best adjustable beds for seniors

adjustable beds

As we advance in age, some adjustments should be made to make our old age life bearable. One of the things which ought to be changed is the type of beds that we use. If you are taking care of any senior, this review is meant for you.

Several aspects get comforted when the seniors use adjustable beds. It is actually to boost their comfort. There are several such beds in the market, but not all of them should be trusted for the seniors. This review is specifically for you in helping you to make well-informed decisions when you go to the market for such a bed. Here are some few options that can give you the worth of your money. Most of them come with mattresses.

LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base with LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress – Twin XL

This would be the first option that you should be looking for once you get to the market. It is foldable to the degree which you would wish to have it on. For instance, the headline can be adjusted at the range of 0-60 degrees while the foot can be inclined between 0-45 degrees. This gives a reasonable adjustment. In other words, it can be considered to be one of the best adjustable beds in the market. You don’t need to put several pillowcases on the head to come up with the desired comfort. You can always adjust it in any of the provisions and enjoy the outcome.

Additionally, this bed comes with USB charging stations on its base. This guarantees you all the comfort that you should be thinking about. You can charge your phone or have a music system just next to you on the bed. Once you are done with it, you don’t have to leave the bed in the name of switching off your music system. It is actually within your rich. The assembling of this bed is as well very easy. No need for an expert to do the assembling. Within 5 minutes, you will have assembled it.


  • No expert assembling needed
  • The head can incline by 0-60 degrees
  • The foot can tilt by 0-45 degrees
  • Its mattress is fitted with bamboo charcoal and aloe Vera to eliminate odors
  • 10-year warranty

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Posture+ Adjustable Bed Base with Massage, Wireless Remote, and USB Ports, Queen

This is another wonderful option that gives the senior good sleep and night experience. Unlike most beds that you will get in the market, this bed also gives you a massage option. It has three-speed vibration massagers which work on both the head back region and the feet. The user can position himself in a way to allow the most critical parts to be massaged. The seniors need such provisions for the sake of their tired veins. Having the massagers on the bed is a fantastic option that should be attracting people who are not active, especially because of health issues that come with age.

This bed is however adjusted through a wireless remote. This means that you will first have to program different positions. Once you have programmed the desired positions, you can now use the wireless remote to come up with the position you want. It is so amazing that you can adjust even while on the bed. You don’t have to be moving out of the bed to fix it. If you are taking care of an older person whose movements have to be limited, this option becomes the best for you.


  • Easy assembly
  • Can be used with foam, latex and air mattress
  • It has three-speed vibrations
  • Two USB ports
  • Wireless remote for adjustments

Ghostbed Queen Custom Adjustable Power Base | Dual Interactive Massage | Wireless Backlit Remote | USB Ports on Both Side | Under-Bed LED Lights | Adjustable in a Box

Ghostbed Queen is yet another fantastic option that you can go for. It is more advanced when it comes to massage options. This queen-size bed has five modes of interactive massage units. These massage options are relevant for massaging almost every part of the body. Instead of taking the older man or woman to the gym, you can take advantage of this beautiful bed provision to enjoy the free massages once you have bought the bed. You can be sure that this plan will be cheaper for you than any other provision.

Additionally, this bed comes with an under the bed LED lights. You can illuminate your space with a button touch without having to wake up to look for a wall switch. There are also USB ports on both sides of the base of the bed. Such allows you to have a well-planned music system. You can as well charge your phones using the USB ports. This is just an excellent provision for you.


  • Five mode massage units
  • Under-bed LED lights
  • USB ports
  • Constructed using steel
  • Anti-skid decking provision

MATTRESS AMERICA Adjustable Bed Frame, Wireless Remote, Massage, Under-Bed Lighting, Dual USB Charging Stations, Adjustable Leg (Dark Grey, Queen) Mattress Not Included

Are you looking for a queen bed which you can adjust for more comfort for your senior? This becomes another option that you should be thinking about. Mattress America is made in such a way that the head region can be inclined up to 60 degrees and the toot region be inclined to 45 degrees. It also comes with a USB charging station. Such allows you to connect your small mobile devices for charging as you sleep.

Additionally, it also gives you a space to enjoy the massage waves and an under-bed lighting system. The bed is made of sturdy steel metal which guarantees you the durability that you desire. Do not worry about the assembling. It will be simple to assemble. Within just five minutes, you will be done.


  • 15 years warranty
  • Steel-build bed
  • The head inclines up to 60 degrees
  • The foot inclines to 45 degrees
  • The legs are as well adjustable

Adjustable Bed Frame and 12 Inch Split King Copper Infused Cool Memory Foam Mattress Medium Firm Feel CertiPUR-US Certified

Here is another wonderful king size adjustable bed for the seniors. The bed frame set includes two independent adjustable bases, one on the left and the other on the right side. It comes with a copper-infused memory form mattress which adds value to your night. With this bed, you can be sure to enjoy some comfortable sleep since the copper form mattress supports all the sleeping postures.

Apart from the flexible option of the bed, one thing that makes this bed outstanding is the mattress provision. The mattress has an air channel base which regulates the temperature, and so you can enjoy your sleeping temperatures.


  •  King size
  • Comes with a copper infused memory foam mattress
  • Ten years warranty
  • Adjustable in unlimited positions.

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Affordamatic Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base/Foundation, Full

If you have been searching for a cheaper adjustable bed for seniors, your search should now come to an end. This provision is economical but very useful for giving a beautiful night rest for your senior. It operates on a wireless remote-control system. The foot and head elevations are flexible, making it easy for the user to watch television in a comfortable posture.

This bed is also designed to be used with or without a bed frame. Such a provision saves you money. The 12-inch leg height is even adding more to your comfort. You don’t need to be worried about the assembling aspect. It is effortless to assemble. You can buy your mattress once the once that comes with the bed is used up without struggles. The bed allows both the latex, foam and air mattresses.


  •  12-inch leg height
  •  Easy assembling
  • Uses a wireless remote for adjustments
  • Accepts both the latex, foam and air mattresses

Bottom line

There are several adjustable beds that you are most likely to get in the market. This should not worry you at all. What matters is your expectation of use, and probably your budget. This review is intense, and so you can trust it for your next bed purchase for senior. If anything, we have given you the links which you can use to get to the seller. Do not just go to the market without knowing what you are planning to buy. You might end up buying something which will not serve your need.

It would be wise of you if you checked at the features you want to see in the bed than instead settling on the prices. The given specifications and the product description will make your work easy. If you are to forget about everything, kindly consider the elevation in which the bed you go for can be adjusted. You also need some massage options and USB ports for your mobile devices.

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